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Chocolography photo candy ... chocolate business cards?


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Chocolography photo candy ... chocolate business cards?

rworange | Feb 13, 2008 09:47 AM

Does anyone but me see the flaw in a chocolate business card?

Cute idea, but once eaten ... well, who ya gonna call?

Anyway, a local candy shop offers this service which like those cakes where you can get a photo duplicated on top ... does the same with chocolate.

Two questions here ...

1. How's the chocolate itself. Is it decent or the waxy type?

In addition to lollipops and chocolate bars they offer Belgium truffles ... any good?

2. Can this be done on any chocolate or only those from the mother company?

It would be kind of cool if I could provide some artisan chocolate bars or truffles and personalize them. I realize I can ask the chocolate store but I want to go in armed with some backup ... "I have heard I can supply my own chocolates" .

Chocolate Printing Company
600 Bayview Ave, Inwood, NY

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