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On a Chocolate Streak...MarieBelle and Kakawa Cocoa Beans?


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On a Chocolate Streak...MarieBelle and Kakawa Cocoa Beans?

Carb Lover | Feb 16, 2006 07:48 PM

As someone who usually prefers custard and fruit desserts to anything chocolatey, I have been strangely lured by chocolate lately...I think all the Vday promotions have been working their powers on me.

I live in Central Coast CA, so I've been excited to see that a couple of local stores are bringing in some famous chocolates from outside the area...MarieBelle, Kakawa Cocoa Beans, and Vosges. I've known about Vosges for a while, but have only heard about the other two more recently. Kakawa was just featured in Saveur's Top 100.

I can check Vosges off my list since husband got me the exotic truffle box for Vday. Pictured below, we're working through the box together (he has always loved chocolate), and I'll post back w/ a summary report after we polish off the last one. Our first tasting (black pearl) was very positive!

Not that I need more chocolate in the house, but I'm very curious about the other two brands. What are hounds' opinions on the overall quality of products by MB and Kakawa (the company name may be Cocoa Puro)? I know that shipping and storage is a factor, but assuming that they are shipped and stored properly, might they be worth the $$ and calories? Is there a specific type of confection I should look for in the MB line?

Thanks from a chocoholic in the making!


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