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Chocolate and Salt

anzu | May 29, 200812:32 AM

Ok, I just bought 2 bars of chocolate w/ sea salt. One is a dark bar produced by Cost Plus, and the other is a bar with hickory smoked almonds and sea salt by Vosges.

Now I've done the salt/sweet combo (e.g. salt on watermelon), and heck chocolate-covered pretzels, so I'm surprised at how surprised I was by this combo, but omg. Maybe the novelty will wear down once the law of diminishing marginal returns kicks in, but in the meantime, this is like crack. I can't believe I haven't tried this sea salt/chocolate combo before. I bite into rich chocolate (both milk and dark), and the crunch of the salt combined with the smooth milky chocolate makes it taste almost carmelized-- but then you get a "surprise" dose of salty.

Wow. It's way past my bedtime and I am gushing about this. . .

But where else am I going to find people who will relate to (or at least appreciate) my food "epiphany" even if it's a mundane one? :)

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