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Why are my chocolate chip cookies so flat?

Scirocco | Dec 31, 200902:17 PM

Ok, I've been a baker for YEARS. And a good one, so I'm told (LOL). But, clearly I am missing something basic. I make the Tollhouse recipe for chocolate chip cookies and while they taste really good, they are always pretty flat. We all still love them as they are crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle (the way I like them), but I would like them to be a little thicker. When my mom makes them, they come out thicker, the way I would like mine to come out (and interestingly, my mom wishes hers were more flat!). So, short of going to my mom's house and watching what she does, I'm at a loss.

They are going onto cold pans. I use a small ice cream scoop. The oven is accurate. I use all fresh ingredients. The butter is a cool room temp, so not too warm. I use a Kitchenaid lift mixer.

I'm guessing that it has to do with the creaming of the butter and sugar??? beating too long maybe? I probably put the mixer on med-high for a minute max. I look for the butter and sugar to be well incorporated. Help! (and thanks!)

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