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Chocolate Chip Cookie Sleuths - some assistance please


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Chocolate Chip Cookie Sleuths - some assistance please

Gary Rolin | Aug 22, 2003 09:25 AM

You know how when you are a child you taste certain foods that set the guidelines by which all others will be judged?

Well when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, the one that will always be the benchmark would be my Nanny's. An Irish immigrant from a small (and I do mean small) town from the west of Ireland. Her cookies were famously good, but there is one problem, she did not write the recipe down. She knew what to do and just did it. Unfortunately, she passed on about 20 or so years ago and try as I might I have been unable to duplicate the recipe. I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some clue.

I know there are some inherent troubles with this, but here are the things I've discovered in talking with my mom:

1. She's pretty sure that she used brown sugar entirely, along with butter, shortening (possibly lard), and then the other standard CCC ingredients.

2. (The toughest to duplicate) the cookies were more lumpy, not thin and flat like your run of the mill CCC. They had substance almost like the consistency of shortbread, but not the texture.

3. As I said before, she's from the west of Ireland and she migrated to Northern New Jersey (Elizabeth) in the middle 20th century (that sounds so wierd to write) so she would have access to the standard American cookbooks of the time.

Does anyone out there have a clue? or am I doomed to try every CCC recipe I can Google up. I even tried the one with the instant vanilla pudding (a very polarizing recipe I find, you either love it or hate it).


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