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chocolate-banana ice cream report back

smokey | Jul 9, 2005 11:25 AM

(with apologies that there are no pics)

So, I made the ice cream out of recipe linked below. The primary change was that I made it chocolate banana ice cream (details on how banana was added are somewhere near in the thread of the below-linked post). I liked the recipe, but I think that in general, home made stuff is so much better than store bought simply because of the quality of the ingredients used, that it's always hard to compare. I used Penzey's dutched cocoa for the cocoa and TJ's bittersweet pound plus for the chocolate (oh, and I used 4 egg yolks instead of 3, because I had 4 yolks to use up). It tasted to me almost like frozen chocolate pudding (not so different from what it was). Fairly intense, chocolate flavor.

previous posters have complained about chalkiness in chocolate ice cream (not specifically this recipe, just in general) and how to avoid the problem. I had never tried chocolate ice cream before, so I can't really compare recipes (and I think I would be better able to identify the chalkiness if I had other reference points).

I think there may have been some chalkiness to this ice cream, but, again, I guess that doesn't seem like much of a trade off compared to the unctuous, impersonal, processed ice cream that is otherwise available. I'm not even talking low quality ice cream with fillers. Even Haagen Dazs (and I think their strawberry ice cream is a thing of beauty) is so, well, homogenous, the same no matter where and when you buy it. Reliable, yes, but I almost always prefer my homemade stuff (even when there are problems) to store bought.

I liked it, but my bottom line is that I will probably try to work on perfecting vanilla ice cream. As a kid, I always thought vanilla ice cream was a waste of time. I've come to see it's beauty, not just in the absolute sense (vanilla really is a great flavor), but as a foil for great toppings.

So, curiousbaker, thanks for the posting. I think your chocolate loving boyfriend would like it, but am reluctant to recommend it 100%, as I don't have a lot of homemade chocolate ice cream to compare it to.


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