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Does anybody else not "get" chocolate?


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Does anybody else not "get" chocolate?

frenetica | Sep 15, 2006 01:00 AM

Tell me I'm not crazy, I'm not alone!

My whole life I've wondered if this global (or at least Western) chocolate obsession wasn't maybe a conspiracy to make me feel like the ultimate outsider?

I've just never really liked chocolate that much. It's not that I dislike it - the taste is fine, sometimes I'll order a hot chocolate, I'll bake chocolate chip cookies, etc.

But I've never experienced a craving for it, I don't find the flavour interesting, I've never voluntarily ordered a chocolate dessert. I feel totally out of place when a bunch of women will start rhapsodizing over chocolate and foaming at the mouth.

(I -do- have a sweet tooth, but it's for tangy sweets or nutty sweets.)

Do you think it's a peer pressure thing, that women simply feel that it's somehow "feminine" to be really into chocolate, or do I really lack whatever gland it is that controls chocolate obsession?


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