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Maybe it's Just Me.... and Chocolate


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Maybe it's Just Me.... and Chocolate

Colleen | Jun 30, 2003 02:08 PM

Don't get me wrong, I like chocolate... in it's place (I'm sure that if I said I didn't like chocolate, my femininity would be called into question). However, I also like other things. Lemon cake, spice cake, butterscotch pie... you get the idea.

So why is it that when I bake for other people, unless it's chocolate, they turn up their noses? They'll even eat store-bought crap over homemade goodies just because it's chocolate.

And for those that are wondering, I am VERY good at baking.

I've gotten to the point where I just make a pan of brownies or brownie pudding. I don't bother wasting the time anymore.

I once spent a lot of time (and ingredients)making an Icelandic christmas cake known as Vinertarta (I think that's the right spelling). A cardamom-flavoured white cake, baked in many thin layers and layered with thin layers of stewed, spiced prunes and raisins. Iced with a white icing. There are about 15 layers, and it's delicious. No one but my husband and I ate it. Same thing for a pineapple cake, and the list goes on.

Anyone else had this kind of experience? Is it just me, or the people I hang around with?

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