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Cho Dang Gol

Alan Divack | Oct 31, 1998 12:26 PM

I went to Cho Dang Gol, a Korean restaurant
specializing in bean curd on W 35th st. the other
night. This is the place that Reichl raphsodized over
in here review a few months ago. The food was very
good. A nice selection of cold dishes, which included
some cold vegetable pancake, excellent and fiery
kimchees, and of all things waldorf salad. We ate some
pancakes stuffed with bean curd that were thick, chewy
and oniony, morel like latkes than most Korean
pancakes that I have had; a fried whitings which were
as overcooked as they were tasty-- they were nicely
fried and smothered in a chili sauce, but I don't know
if the sizzling metal plate there were served on did
them any good; and a spicy pork and vegetable stew
which was served with dishes of bean curd and bean curd
dregs. The bean curd dregs were oddly memorable --
sort of like a loose homemade ricotta or the filling of
a souffle, cheezy and not cheezy at the same time, and
served with scallions for a little zing.

I would certainly go back. The bill was not as high as
I had expected -- $60 for two, and we had a large bowl
of korean rice wine (mag-gholi?) and much more food
than we could finish. There is also a great
monthy-pythonesque appetizer that I must try -- cold
bean curd with cucumber, vegetables, kimchi and spam.

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