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Regarding Chiu Chow Fun


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Regarding Chiu Chow Fun

Sarah C | May 22, 2002 02:34 PM

I checked with my Chinese food expert, my friend Nancy who is Chinese/Cantonese, about chiu chow fun. Here is a distillation of what she said:

Chiu Chow Fun has been incorrectly translated. Whoever wrote chiu chow fun mixed up several foods. If it is a dim sum, it should be chiu fun gor, a type of dumpling. “Fun” usually means the flat noodles. Chow means to stir fry. So any kind of “chow fun” would mean stir fried flat rice noodles. (She also referred to cheung fun, which she said is stuffed with chicken, mushroom and cilantro. This may be the rice noodle-wrapped thing.)

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