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Chips Ahoy OOey Gooey Warm & Chewy


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Chips Ahoy OOey Gooey Warm & Chewy

Sarnie | Jun 26, 2003 08:49 PM

I'm having to face the possibility that I'm perhaps a bit mentally challenged. You see, I read the name of those Chips Ahoy cookies, and in a moment of density, bad judgement, or mental illness, I actually believed the name to be accurate and bought a box. I even have a vague memory of thinking to myself that these cookies sounded really good.

By the time I got the groceries home, I had recovered my senses a bit; doubt was creeping in. But I couldn't resist trying them, zapped in the 'wave as per instructions.

Two words in the name of these cookies are accurate. Ooey as in "Ooey, these suck!" and Warm as in "These have been in the 'wave for 25 seconds." There was no gooey, there was absolutely no chewy, and there was zero taste. Well, that's an exaggeration. There was the taste of stale flour. I don't know what they used as fat, but it had no flavor. I couldn't taste any chocolate in the chips. There wasn't even a sweet taste, tho I often find these things overly sweet. There was a cakey texture that didn't hold together. The combination of texture and blandness got me to check the label to see if I'd accidentally picked up a fat free product.

Being from the "Children are starving in China" generation, I normally finish eating anything, even if I'm not enjoying it. I gotta tell you, even I couldn't eat both those lumps of krap.

The only good thing about these "cookies" is that they're over-packaged, 2 per subpack. That means I can put them in the box to take to the local food bank. Maybe they can find someone hungry enough to eat them.

Anyone know if I can sign up for the Special Olympics online?

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