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Chino To Primm: I-15 Dining Report (Longish)

Chino Wayne | Mar 18, 200204:21 PM

Just some observations, no new finds. Mrs. Chino Wayne got one of her every two month urges to unwind in the land of tinkling slot machines, so we headed out in Heather (Mrs. Chino Wayne's chariot) Saturday aftenoon.

Chino Wayne had mixed his diet drink before heading out, and the Mrs. had not had anything to eat all day, since an early appointment with the hairdresser. So after leaving the heart of cow country, the Chino Wayne's pulled off the 15 at the Hesperia, Main Street exit at about 2:00 P.M. for a stop at In-N-Out. The Mrs. had a cheeseburger, fries and Coke, and Chino Wayne, apparently not satisfied by his earlier diet drink, fell off the wagon and consumed a three by three, fries and diet Coke. The three by three was very tasty and Chino Wayne could just get his mouth around all of that deliciousness. The fries were good almost to the last drop, until they cooled off and started getting squishy. The diet Coke, was just that, a nasty diet Coke. All in all, the usual excellent In-N-Out burger experience, so Chino Wayne rationalized no harm/no foul in terms of the "slight" transgression off the liquid diet.

About and hour and a half later the Chino Wayne's (who never when possible drive below the speed limit on the I-15) checked in to the Primm Valley Resort, in Primm after an uneventfull drive. Mrs. Chino Wayne hit the outlet mall, and then the slots immediately, Chino Wayne cooled out, relaxing in the slightly smoke infused room with paper thin walls. Around about 9:00 P.M. after returning from her shopping/slot foray, Mrs. Chino Wayne made Chino Wayne aware of her need to refuel. The Mrs. was also very helpful, rationalizing to Chino Wayne that it really was not necessary for him to mix a diet drink, that he should just eat regular food while away from home. So, after being sufficiently incented by the Mrs. (have to blame somebody), Chino Wayne threw his duds back on and off the Chino Wayne's went to the Primm Valley's "high end" restaurant, G.P.'s. Leaving the drink mix and shaker in the room.

At G.P.'s the food and beverages,while not remarkable, were satisfying. Mr. and Mrs. Chino Wayne are not oneophiles, they simply drink wine that is not expensive and which tastes good to their unsophisticated palates. A nice bottle of Berenger White Zinfandel (I told you they are wine hicks) was brought to the table by a very personable waiter, who must have been the reincarnation of Telly Savalas, with an Italian accent.

The Mrs. opted not to have a first course, and ordered a lobster tail and some garlic mashed potatoes. Chino Wayne ordered the antipasto salad plate, a Porterhouse steak and a side of broccolini. While sipping some wine and waiting for the antipasto plate, Mrs. Chino Wayne scarfed most of the bread and butter (she always does this, while Chino Wayne sits by silently, scheming about the portion of the Mrs.'s entree he will get to help her eat, since she will have filled up on bread).

The salad like choices at G.P.'s were either the house salad, Ceasar salad, or the antipasto salad plate, all equally priced. Chino Wayne loves antipasto, so of course he opted for the antipasto salad plate. This consisted of garbanzo, and kidney beans, some very nice black olives (not the kind that come out of a can, so when Mrs. Chino Wayne expressed some interest in them, Chino Wayne had to inform her that she probably would not like them), a chunk of nice parmisano reggiano, a chunk of very fresh mozzarella, a couple of slices of cappaciola, a couple of slices of salame, some greens and very thinly sliced bermuda onion, all accompanied by a little tiny bowl of basalmic vinegar. This dish was accompanied with a plate full of some very tasty little slices of garlic cheese toast (another reason why Chino Wayne did not worry when the Mrs. was scarfing the bread basket). However, Chino Wayne foolishly let his guard down when enjoying the antipasto, and by the time he was ready for some garlic toast, Mrs. Chino Wayne had made almost all of it disappear. All in all the antipasto salad plate was a very nice start.

The Porterhouse steak was cut thinner than Chino Wayne would have preferred, maybe 1/2 an inch thick (probably why it was priced at only $20), but it was correctly grilled to medium rare. While it was the correct color inside, it was not juicy at all, and a bit of the gristle had not been removed. But since Chino Wayne had been used to his liquid diet recently, it was satisfying. The broccolini was simply steamed and was a nice change from what one usually finds.

The Mrs. polished off her lobster tail with dispatch. Then after finishing remembered that she had forgotten to offer Chino Wayne a sample of the bounty he had provided. The garlic mashed potatoes, however, were proferred to Chino Wayne, who sucessfully polished off about half of them. Very good, very nice consistency, very hot, nice buttery-not-over-poweringly-garlicky tasste. Of course Chino Wayne rationalized that since he did not order the potatoes, there would be no negative connotation to his liquid diet.

Although Mr. and Mrs. Chino Wayne coveted the birthday cake that was served to a party at an adjancent table, and were made to feel all toasty from all of the flambeing of Bananas Foster at the booths on either side of them, they did pass on dessert (the siren call of the slots was calling the Mrs.). While not elaborate, and not the highest of caliber steak experience, it was a satisfying meal for both of the Chino Wayne's.

Prior to departure Sunday morning both Chino Wayne and Mrs. Chino Wayne ordered the Truckers Special in the coffee shop (two egges scrambled, hash browns, a ham steak, sourdough toast for the Mrs., three eggs over easy, hash browns, a ham steak, sourdough toast for Chino Wayne), and split a stack of three pancakes.

The eggs were all cooked according to specification and together with the hashbrowns, ham and toast were tasty. Mrs. Chino Wayne practically inhailed the pancakes, but just like her bread habits, that meant more ham steak and eggs for Chino Wayne later. Chino Wayne enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee, Mrs. Chino Wayne being more of a coffee expert than Mr. Chino Wayne rated the coffee as really bad. Mrs. Chino Wayne did not provide an opinion of the OJ. Chino Wayne reported the water was cold.

So after an interlude at the slot machines for Mrs. Chino Wayne, and after Chino Wayne took another opportunity to turn some more money over to the casino for some not very winning Keno numbers, it was back in to Heather and on the road south.

Sunday afternoon traffic meant the trip south would take twice as long as the trip north. So after enduring about three hours of the I-15 parking lot, Mr. and Mrs. Chino Wayne pulled off the highway for their first, and probably last, foray to Peggy Sue's 50's Diner.

Not really wanting to eat, the Chino Wayne's turned left just inside the door in to the gift shop/soda fountain section, bypassing the diner section, and apparently pizza area to the right. Mrs. Chino Wayne could not resist ordering a vintage soda, and asked for a Bubble Up, Mr. Chino Wayne, trying to recall some semblance of the liquit diet, ordered a diet Coke. Mrs. Chino Wayne reported the Bubble Up, contrary to her fond memories of her youth, tasted like a bi-carbonate of soda. Chino Wayne's diet Coke, was just that, a nasty diet Coke.

Long time hot dog afficionados, the Chino Waynes observed some dogs on one of those roller grills commonly used for tube steaks. Unfortunately the dogs looked like they had been rolling around all day, with a not very appetizing looking skin. The decision not to try a dog was sealed when the young lady behind the counter was observered preparing one for another customer, before landing in the bun, it was dropped on the counter, and there was some business with the mustard and a microwave that was not clear.

It was noted, however, that any travellers who have a hankering for a pack of Chiclets gum will find it at Peggy Sue's, along with Sen-Sen (remember those nasty things) and other various and sundry sweets.

So much for Peggy Sue's.

Upon return to the lovely manse in odiferous Chino, Chino Wayne capped off his "diet free" weekend with a mess of homemade beef burritos (since when he cooks he cleaverly makes sure there are plenty of leftovers on stand-by in the refrigerator).

Chino Wayne was last seen at the blender this afternoon, back on the liquid diet regimen.

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