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Why Don't the Chinese Eat Outside?


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Why Don't the Chinese Eat Outside?

ryan | May 13, 2003 05:10 PM

I was sipping an espresso al fresca in North Beach, San Francisco when it dawned on me: the Chinese, at least in the US, dont eat outside. Or at least the chinese restaraunt owners rarely put tables outside. In North Beach the streets are crammed with tables outside every coffee shop and restarent while imediatly nextstore in Chinatown (as in newyork) not a single restaraunt has tables outside. Could it be the flow of SF pedistrians, or the size of the walkways in chinatown that make setting up tables impossible? No--my experience in NY was similar, with mulbury street brimming with tables, and mott st. baron.

Or maybee its the chinese aestethic that seems to favor food to ambiance? No--the east has always been the portion of the earth most drawn to nature.

Something about eating panfried noodles in the glow of the spring sun instead of the pale glow of fleuresescent lights appeals to me...

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