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Chinese dumpling skins--some guidance needed


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Chinese dumpling skins--some guidance needed

nooodles | Oct 22, 2005 03:17 AM

I found a few recipes online, and the ingredients aren't a problem: flour, water, salt.

However, all the recipes are very vague in terms of describing what kind of dough I'm aiming for. Some say "hard dough," but what does that mean? So hard I can barely knead it? Certainly not so hard that it flakes apart, right? I assume not soft and spongey like a yeasted dough. Like pie crust? Shortbread? As you can tell, I'm totally lost.

Second question: has anyone done this in a stand mixer? I know the old-fashioned way is in a bowl with some chopsticks, but if someone else has done this successfully I'd be curious to try.

Lastly, what do people find to be the best flour? All-purpose? Bread? Thank you so much; I tried this one a few years ago and didn't like the results much. I'm a much better bread baker now and am hoping to parlay the experience with dough into dumpling making!

Link: http://dinnercoop.cs.cmu.edu/dinnerco...

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