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Name This Chinese Condiment


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Name This Chinese Condiment

SnackHappy | Sep 1, 2009 08:09 AM

Looks like it could be an unfermented version of doubanjiang. I bought this stuff even though I didn't know what it was and I've been using it in my cooking, but it nags me that I have no idea what its name is and what it's supposed to be used for. It's manufactured by Sichuan Pixian Douban Company, but it clearly isn't the Doubanjiang I am used to buying and that I use in Sichuanese recipes. The ingredients are almost the same, but it is a bright red chili paste with green broad beans and smells of fresh peppers. The English/French label added by the importer calls it Chili fermented bean paste, but it is not fermented as far as i can tell. I think I may have seen this stuff used in Sichuanese restaurants, but I can't remember what dish it was in. So what is this this stuff, and what dishes is it used in?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated,


I've added a picture of the label for those who read Chinese.

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