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chinese candy

lissar | Dec 17, 2001 10:49 PM

A friend and I toured one of Toronto's Chinatowns today, doing some Christmas shopping, and I bought a huge number of things for an ethnic-food-deprived-friend, and marveled at the selection (dehydrated soy cheese? It's real? Someone buys it?). My favorite two buys I picked up for their translations. I love bad translations. I'm going to reproduce them below. I haven't tried eating either yet, but I'm going to pick up my own packages of this stuff..

Chocolate Marshmallow

On the front: Please enjoy the taste of chocolate
marshmallow that melts in your mouth.
If you relish chocolate marshmallow,
you feel sure that you have a
rattling time.

EIWA's Chocolate Jam Marshmallow are
high class Marshmallow with specially
made chocolate jams in it. Soft taste of
Marshmallows in harmony with
delicious chocolate jam is gaining
favourable reputation. We recommend them
highly as a good tea cake or afternoon

Butter Short Cake

On the back: The Pure Roxy Sesame Peanut Candy
made of excellent materials by
scientific equipment according to
ancient method is delicious with taste
of pure Sesame Peanut Candy in good
quality. Having rich nutrition, it makes
you health good. Besides, the sweetness
remains and makes you like to enjoy more.
This allows it be good company in your
family and travel. Thank you for your

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