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Chinese Banquet at Hong Kong Pavilion Rest review


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Chinese Banquet at Hong Kong Pavilion Rest review

Sandra | Oct 17, 2005 06:21 PM

We had my grandmother's birthday dinner at HK Pavilion (old HK Flower Lounge site) in Millbrae on Saturday night. My aunt actually ordered one of the banquet menus ($338/10 people) - I swiped the menu since I couldn't remember all the dish names.

Overall, it was decent - there was LOTS of food - sorry I didn't take any pictures, but for 12 of us, each dish had plenty - So here we go:
Barbecued Combination Appetizers: it had jellyfish, soy sauce chicken, BBQ pork, japanese seaweed salad, and marinated octopus salad. The octopus salad was especially tasty, wasn't crazy about the chicken.

Sauteed Calamari & Sliced Pork with Tender Green: The greens were snow peas, there were some huge pieces of calamari, but they were tender, and the pork was tasty as well; they didn't use too much cornstarch, which was good.

Deep Fried Shrimp Ball: This was a hit with my younger cousins, and there was plenty to go around. Surprisingly, it was not too oily, and the crunchy coating was good. Shrimp ball itself was ok, almost standard dim sum style.

Braised Shark's Fin Soup w/Shredded Chicken and Fish Maw: This was served individually, so only had one bowl. I could barely find the shark's fin, mostly chicken (maybe somebody else got most of the shark's fin) and it was a little bland and too much cornstarch or thickening agent for my taste. Even with the vinegar addition to heighten the taste, it was pretty bland.

Braised Sea Cucumber, Black Mushroom, w/Tender Green: The Tender green for this dish was the mustard greens. The sea cucumber was very tender and good. Sometimes it can get a metallic taste due to the preparation of it, so it was nice to be able to bite into it (big pieces) and have it taste like sea cucumber; slightly firm, but gelatinous. The mustard greens were slightly bitter, not my favorite, but ok.

Marinated Chicken in Scallop Sauce: This tasted like Steamed Chicken to me, I couldn't taste the Scallop sauce, if it was meant to be.

Sauteed Lobster in Supreme Broth: We actually got 2 small lobsters, of course it was already cracked and in pieces to easily eat. The sauce was pretty good -

Steamed Whole Fish: Again, we got 2 small fish. Steamed with standard ginger, onion and soy sauce treatment. They steamed it just right, not too long.

Braised E-Fu Noodles with Yellow Chives: They offered to individually serve us on this; it was pretty good, with the yellow chives. It was a good way to end, and remarkably, even though we didn't stuff ourselves, we were full.

Dessert of the day: We got 2 of them! One was the Sweet Hot Steamed Tofu (Dofu Fa), which was kinda bland until we figured the sugar was near the bottom of the bowl. The other was 3 different types of jello desserts - red bean, a yellow with coconut, and a light green (mung?) jello - both kids and adults loved it.

The service was good - they were great about changing the plates often when you had bones, stuff on the plate.

I think overall, this was one of the better banquets, food wise, and great deal overall!

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