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China Star quibble

Wayne Keyser | Oct 18, 2004 03:31 PM

All credit to China Star for truly spicy and good food, and a range of dishes unavailable anywhere else. Also, I have had some delightfully subtle things (the beef stew in hot pot comes to mind.)

I've been there about 5 times now. Took a friend there Sat eve - he loved it too (his wife'a 50/50% Japanese/Chinese raised in Malaysia, which may be behind his assessment of the degree of heat overall as "about average for me.")

Had the General (whatever) Beef (rated 1 hot pepper) and the dry-fried green beans ("numbing.") And started to find a certain sameness - there are a lot of dishes where the most prominent flavors are salt (not soy, I think, just salt) and diced or slivered dried peppers so commingled with the food that you'll never get 'em all out - not that I always try to, but I filled up half a rice bowl with the ones I chanced upon.

Before I ate there at all, I'd never seen a dish where you were supposed to eat the dried peppers, and it was a delightful change. Now I'm wondering if that isn't almost all I'm going to find.

Just a little grump, but it could grow into a sense of (oh, no, not at China Star!) boredom.

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