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my chilli (hot pepper) addiction


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my chilli (hot pepper) addiction

howler | Oct 22, 2004 08:39 AM

its been getting busy over the last couple of months, so i've been forced to endure the cafetaria at work.

luckily, i'm pally with a west indian who supplies me every monday with a cup of unbelievably fiery hot incendiary dynamite-like sweat inducing tongue numbing chopped chillies marinated/fermented with vinegar in a wood barrel plus a few secret ingredients.

i ADORE this stuff. and no matter what cunning disguise the cafetaria camouflages cardboard in (ie chicken, ham, yorkshire pud etc), a liberal sprinkling of these chillies at least makes it edible.

the thing is, i'm now sprinkling these chillies at HOME, even when i'm drinking a delicately nuanced reisling (funny thing, the reisling doesn't immediately get ruined, wow what a wine). its getting to the point when i'm beginning to wonder how these chillies will accompany bacon and eggs.

i'm hoping this is all temporary, but for now i'm completely hooked. help.

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