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Chili 911

quichelorraine | Nov 3, 2010 03:45 PM

OK Hounds, I really screwed up this time! While watching some Oklahoma cook make his signature chili on that "diners and drive-ins" show, I got the idea to just throw everything together in a pot; meat, spices, onions, garlic, even whole canned tomatoes, and start slow-cooking without browning the meat first (as I have always done my whole entire life.) The way this guy on TV did it, the meat seemed to break up into small granules, and his chili (minus beans) got dark and red and smooth and rich and delicious looking. I must have missed a step, because my chili is, as you might predict, pale, greasy, and disgusting looking, as it has no color except kind of pinkish-grey (I used beef and pork.)

Do I just cut my losses and throw this mess in the garbage, or is there any way to salvage it? Does anyone else here skip the browning step and get all the color from chili powder, tomato sauce, other ingredients? I really wish I had a dog.

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