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How many Chiles do you keep on hand?


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How many Chiles do you keep on hand?

MGZ | Nov 30, 2012 06:44 AM

The disaster that was Sandy did quite a number on my dopey little hometown on The Shore. I was able to eat out of my defrosting freezer for many days and, honestly, if you're a 'hound who freezes leftover portions of foods you've made, you eat better than your neighbors when the power is out for fifteen days (Hell, I even took advantage of the situation to convince my lovely wife that I HAD to make bacon lest I lose the money I spent on a whole pork belly - but, that's another thread . . . ).

Nevertheless, when your freezer also contains twenty-five roasted Hatch peppers, a couple dozen Habaneros, ten ghost peppers, a sack of fresh, green Thai Bird peppers, and a random assortment of other chiles I had grown or been gifted (oh, those Bulgarian Carrots were a treat), there are only so many inflammatory pods any couple can consume before they turn to mush. Sadly, I threw away more than I care to mention (I did try to save some seeds - we'll see how that goes). To make matters worse, I had enough moisture in my pantry to affect my dried pepper collection. I had to part with quite a few of them.

Consequently, I went to my local Mexican grocer this morning to restock. I bought dried Pasillas, Pullas, Guajillos, Moritas, and Anchos. Another step towards rebuilding, right? (Honestly, I don't expect FEMA to reimburse me for my significant losses.)

As I walked to work today, I started to wonder, "Are there others who think they should have so many chiles around?" I mean, how many hot peppers* do you have in your home? Am I that far gone? Should I seek help?

*Luckily, towards the end of the tribulations, the jarred jalapenos and cherry peppers were still fine without refrigeration - as were the vinegar laden hot sauces.

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