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Childhood foods you would *totally* eat now...

montrealeater | Aug 28, 201110:51 AM

Related to the "...wouldn't eat now" thread. Any specific childhood foods, especially the odd/possibly disgusting ones, that you never lost your love for?

The big one for me is, and probably no one outside of Canada will know about these, Billot Logs (called 'Billot Logs' by all western Canadian children, including myself, who could not speak French). Bright pink cake rolls filled with very sweet coconutty chemical cream and dusted with coconut. I thought these had been discontinued years ago until moving to Montreal and discovering that not only were they still made, but they were SOLD IN BOXES OF 6. Of course, my sister and immediately bought a couple of boxes and ate ourselves to near nostalgic sickness. Still crave them sometimes, and I always give in to the craving.

Also: Cadbury's Creme Eggs, shaved-thin Black Forest deli ham eaten out of the bag by the handful, butter and Marmite slathered toast, popsicles (the totally generic 2-stick kind that come in orange, pink or purple).

EDIT: Remembered another on that qualifies as weird: baby rice/flakes. Yes, the stuff for babies. Mmmmmm.

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