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Childhood Favorites

MeffaBabe | Jun 2, 2003 04:26 PM

Some of my fondest memories as a child revolve around food and I was wondering what the hounds favorite childhood foods were-
I remember sitting in front of the TV (small screen very large wooden box- b&w only with 3 stations!) with my glass of either Ovaltine or Malted Milk while munching on my hostess snowballs. I remember the penny candy- mint juleps, ufos, the real lipsticks not the stuff out now, mary janes, squirrels and bazooka bubble gum. Scooter Pies, rice crispy treats that MOM made fresh using REAL BUTTER!
Roast Beef or Lamb dinners on Sundays with all the fixings... Alaskan King Crabmeat sandwiches (the crabmeat was cheaper to buy in the can than tuna fish!) Stuff cabbages with cream sauce, keilbasa, REAL BUTTER used on everything! Homemade sweet bread, cabbage soup, potato pancakes, bacon sandwiches, milk with the cream on top...
I am sure I will think of 100 more treats and when I do I will add to the list for the rest of you hounds to remember along with me...

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