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The Chickens have lost


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The Chickens have lost

muD | Feb 24, 2003 01:58 PM

I'm torn on the issue of industrial food production, but they just went too far. Maybe this is just the Midwest catching up (our perennial position), but I hope not. I normally avoid industrial chicken becuase it has no flavor, but I have one or two secrets that will make it tasty so I go to buy a whole bird yesterday. Our local grocery store which is really quite good given its circumstances, carries Gold'n Plump (the regional chicken producer, every region has its own). Every single one was 58.4 oz (3lb 10.4oz) and $4.35. That is $1.19/lb or at lest 20 cents more then I'll pay anyway but it is irrelevant since they don't reach the 4 lb rule my grandparents taught me.

I could understand a GMO chicken being 58.4 oz every time, but how are they doing this? They probably use water and giblets to hit the magic .4 oz, but in my opinion it has left the realm of food. You shouldn't be able to hit 58.4 oz every single time. If I really want chicken I guess it is across the river and up the road to the Co-op I must go and mortgage my house for an organic one.

I asked the butcher on duty how they did it and he just shook his head. And just to show them I understand irony I bought a pair of 24oz (every single time) cornish game hens.

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