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chicken needed


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chicken needed

erica | Nov 29, 2002 02:36 PM

Just emptied my freezer of all those bags of chicken backs, necks, etc. and made a chicken stock for the first(!!) time. Result seems very disappointing. First of all, why is the chicken soup in the local Chinese place a sunny yellow, while mine is a dismal grey-ish?? (I tried not to let it boil and did not stir and I skimmed quite few times). Do the chinese places add coloring to theirs..turmeric???? Flavor of mine is kind of insipid, I imagine I did not use enough chicken for the amount of water. I also added peeled carrots, celery, turnip, parsely root, parsnip, unpeeled onion, cloves, peppercorns, small bit of star anise, some dill and a few garlic cloves and leek tops. I considered adding a pack of chicken feet but got sqeamish when I read that I would have to cut the nails off before putting into pot..but I did add four fresh thighs on the bone with the skin..Any advice would be welcome.

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