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Chicken Stock Tips!


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Chicken Stock Tips!

Dommy! | Sep 13, 2005 12:47 PM

This weekend we picked up a 4lb whole chicken from Majestic Poultry in East L.A. This is a chicken shop where they do everything on site. Basically, in the morning, my chicken was clucking, so it’s super fresh and really cheap (The bird came out to a bit over $5.00!).

However, much to the shagrin of my BF, when they say whole, they mean WHOLE WHOLE… As the bird still had it’s head and feet attached (The head I showed to him when we bought it, but he did jump when he pulled out the legs from the cavity at home… LOL!) . Nevertheless, he was a good sport and cut up the bird to make Alton’s Pan Fried Chicken (Which was SO yummy!!)

But that wasn’t the end of our lovely bird! After all was said and done, I happily packed up the wings, the neck, the carcass and of course the feet with a plan to make Chicken Stock for which to make Matzoh ball soup! YUM!!!

The problem is… I’ve never made Chicken Stock… (Sad I know…) And all the recipes I’ve seen call for using one whole chicken, not chicken scraps and parts like what I have. So, any ideas or hints on how to make the most of what I have would be extremely helpful. Should I supplement with Rib on Chicken Breasts? What combo of spices/veggies would you use? Any preparation or cooking methods I should be aware of!

Thanks so much! I can’t wait for my first REAL chicken soup! :)


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