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chicken stew for potluck tonight. need question answered please :)


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chicken stew for potluck tonight. need question answered please :)

foxy fairy | Dec 12, 2008 11:11 AM

I'm making up a huge pot of pollo alla cacciatori (Batali's recipe from October COTM). I'm bringing this to a potluck for about 25 people tonight. This particular (DELICIOUS) cacciatore recipe ends up being very stew-y (with a delightfully deep rich mysterious red sauce). So I'll be serving it in bowls, i think-- as opposed to on a plate, a piece of chicken with the sauce spooned over. I have 11 thighs stewing.

***Here's my question: Should I pull the meat off the bones once cooked through? Otherwise I know it's a little tricky to eat, and I believe we will be balancing plates on laps at this party... it could be hard to attack the meat on the bone, manipulating knife and fork in a bowl, while sitting on a couch...

I know the meat will be very tender, and I can probably just get it off with a fork and dunk it all back in the stew. Or -- would that be weird? Texturally? Bread for dipping in the sauce could be provided. I also like the idea of shredding since I don't have enough thighs for each person to get one (just wouldn't fit in the pot!)

Hmmm.... what do you think? When I make it for my sweety and me, we end up pulling the meat off in our individual bowls anyway..

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