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You have a whole chicken, broken oven, and bottle of pinot noir. What do you cook?

Megiac | Apr 11, 200811:13 AM

This pretty much describes my dillema. We were going to open up a bottle of Sea Smoke pinot tonight ('05 Southing). The plan was to do a simple roast chicken, but our oven doesn't seem to be calibrated correctly and the last few chickens we've cooked have never had the skin brown and have been a bit mushy. It's a nice enough bottle of wine, so I'd rather not have a sub-standard chicken.

I'm not opposed to quartering the chicken and doing some sort of braise, or even pulling the meat of the bones entirely. But it does need to be something that can come together from start to on the table in no more than 2 hours. It also needs to be not totally cream, butter, or fat laden, since the husband is in the middle of a competitive "fat off" with a co-worker (who can have the biggest increase in body fat percentage in two months--he's lost more weight than the other guy, but is getting killed in the body fat calculations) and will be extremely unhappy with me if the final preparation is too heavy.

Any suggestions?

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