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Chicken in aspic - why didn't mine set well enough?


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Chicken in aspic - why didn't mine set well enough?

DanM | Jan 21, 2004 08:50 AM

I made a terrine of chicken in aspic last night, first by boiling a chicken according to the Jacques Pepin method: a slow boil with some vegetables and spices for about 20 minutes, then off the heat and covered for 45 more.

I removed the chicken from the pot, stripped off the meat, and put the bones back in the broth, which I gently simmered for about another hour and a half.

I skimmed fat and scum at the beginning of this simmer.

Removed large bones and vegies, and strained rest through coffee filter to get a clear broth.

Meanwhile, the meat was shredded into large chunks and refrigerated. When the broth cooled, I arranged the chicken pieces in a glass terrine and poured the broth over it. Refrigerated over night. This morning when I looked at it, the aspic had set, but not as stiffly as I would have wanted. When I tilt the terrine, for instance, the aspic begins to separate from the wall of the container and run a little over the top.

What was my mistake (or what were my mistakes!)? Did I not reduce the broth enough? Did straining it through the filters remove too much of whatever it is that makes the aspic set?

Thanks for any and all help!


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