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My First Chicago Pizza: Results!

Dommy! | Jul 26, 200501:26 PM

Thanks so much everyone for your ideas regarding my Chicago Pie! I did it last night and it was quite the experiment…

I first put a jar of Chunky Spaghetti Sauce (I think Barilla) and put it to simmer and reduce as I worked with everything.

As recommended, I sautéed, garlic, chopped Maui onions and sliced Mushrooms together to release some moisture. Then added two Italian sausages to the mix (one mild, one hot) to create my ‘filling’. It turned out great, very flavorful. Although, now I know that the sausage from Bristol Farms is better than the one I got this time from Wild Oats (The Bristol Farms one is spiced better)

I took out the dough (Fresh made that my BF made) and began to roll it out using a rolling pin… This is where the trouble began… I realized that I didn’t have enough dough for the HUGE spring form pan. So then, I had to prepare (Using olive oil and not the butter as you guys mentioned) a much smaller one (~8 inches I think). Then, as I placed the dough in the pan to blind bake it… the edges did not stay up! I didn’t have any pie weights or even beans to hold it up, and with all the tugging and such, I was beginning to tear holes in the dough! Ep!!

I patched up the holes and instead, HUNG the edges of the dough on the edges of the spring form pan, letting the dough droop down on its own. I then started by pouring in just a light layer of the thickened sauce…. And then placed disks of fresh buffalo mozzarella on top. I poured the meat, onion mixture on top of that, and then sprinkled the top with TJ’s shredded four cheese Italian blend, (I love this!). Finally, I poured the rest of the thickened sauce on top. I settled things and then used a knife to cut off the over hanging edges of the crust and amazingly, the crust fell into the pan and created just the right edge to the pizza! Just a little bit peaking over the sauce…

It looked BEAUTIFUL!!

But now came the final most scary step… the baking… I decided to go with my initial estimate of 400 and checking in at about 15 minutes. At 15 the dough still looked pretty pale and just barely starting to inflate. I decided to ignore it for another 15 but at aroung that mark, I began to smell a slight burning… Ack!!

It turned out that I had not thickened the sauce enough… There was a small pool of water on top of the sauce and drops were slightly pouring the crust and falling down the crack of the pan. It wasn’t too bad though, I just put a cookie sheet in the bottom of the pan just in case…

At a little past the 45 minute mark, the crust was all inflated and toasty! I took it out and let it rest for about 15 minutes before popping it out of the pan…

The dough was soft, almost spongy, pasty, (I’m guessing from the moisture), so it honestly had the texture and look of a pizza tart than a true Chicago pie. So I was a little disappointed. Still, I served myself a slice, sprinked more cheese mixture on top and cut it up using a knife and fork. I went in for the first taste and it was pretty much dead on… Lots of wonderful sauce. Lots of meaty sausage and mushrooms. The dough, also tasted really really good! :)

Although, I would not call it a ‘success’, it was pretty darn tasty, it did majorly kill a craving and was pretty fun! :) So thanks again everyone for your hints and encourage ment! I’ll be enjoying Chicago Style Pizza in LA for lunch today! :)


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