Chicago Cutlery Centurion - Wusthof Quality for Small $


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Chicago Cutlery Centurion - Wusthof Quality for Small $

StriperGuy | Dec 23, 2007 01:16 PM

Gotta say, best bang for the buck in knives right now is the Chicago Cutlery Centurion line. I am sure some knife weenie will chime in and tell me that unless you spend $250 a knife you just can't chop an onion ;-). I am actually a carbon steel fan, but these days it is almost impossible to find a good carbon steel knife for reasonable $.

I have quite a few knives including several Wusthof and Global knives, but best bang for the buck is the Chicago Centurion blades. They look identical to my Wusthofs and really hold an edge. I actually prefer them to the Wusthofs.

The three piece set for $24.99 (the price of a Wusthof paring knife) is an insane bargain:

The larger set is all the knives you will ever need:

And while I don't like the blades quite as much, the Walnut Tradition knives are also very respectable and have pretty walnut handles:

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