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"chef's story" on the "create" network-- nice show


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"chef's story" on the "create" network-- nice show

alkapal | Feb 17, 2009 04:56 AM

on the dc pbs station "create" (affiliated with WETA? ) i saw this program this morning, with andré soltner (of "lutece" ). he talked about his philosophy as a chef -- a craftsman, and not an "artist" -- because you have to have discipline to do the same thing perfectly (or very well) EVERY day.

i believe there's a different chef every show. i didn't get to see the entire half-hour, but from what i did see, i would recommend the show. it is an interview format, but there is also a demo portion. soltner made the "perfect" french omelette, which he said was the dish that he used to "test" a job applicant for his kitchen.

the listing on the website doesn't seem comprehensive at all. check your local listings.

WETA: WETA Create How-to, travel and cooking programming. (digital channel 26.2 / 27.2, Comcast 200, and Cox 800, broadcasting 24 hours).

ps "create" is also running lots of julia, lidia, jacques pepín, ATK....

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