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what chefs really eat at home


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what chefs really eat at home

mrranchcuisine | Jun 18, 2001 12:55 PM

I was a chef, a really good chef until i got burned out from the stress of restaurant work.
I am going to tell you a little known secret but chefs in general eat bad food at home. the times i would get off work late at night and roam the stores, i would run into restrateurs/chefs all sneaking their carts down the ailse at safeway, covertly covering their hidden sins. a quick peek and you would discover pizza rolls, banquet frozen fried chicken ( eaten nightly by one french chef), cans of nalleys chili, wonder bread and topramen. my rommate is a recently recovering chef and yet 12 months later he still insists on buying off brand canned pasta. he cannot do anything else then open cans and small packages. last dinner party i gave i wanted him to make a quick reduction sauce to save me some time and i noticed him starting to sweat and shake as i handed him the wisk. this desire to eat crappy food is evil and all pervasive, youll find those who read this and post against it amoung the biggest offenders. i believe it is some phychological form of self punishment by those !
in the industry. the better food they cook the worse food they eat.
if any one has had simular experiences and is willing to come forth do it here. cleanse you soul and come forth.
my name is mrranchcuisine, iam am a reformed bad eater.

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