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"Chef Troy's Demi Glace Sauce" - anyone try this?

pixellle | Jan 5, 2010 09:00 AM

I came across Chef Troy's Demi Glace Sauce in my local Japanese market. Chef Troy is Chef Troy Thompson of The Kress and others in California. (I guess. I'd never heard of him, but then I don't follow celebrity chefs much, and I live on the East Coast.).

I guess he cooks a fusion/World cuisine style, which sounds right up my alley.

Anyway, this is a jar in the Japanese market, just called "Demi Glace." Looking at the ingredients, I guess it's a beef demi-glace.

Has anyone heard of it or tried it? It's always useful to have a demiglace on hand, but I'm wondering if I can use this like a "standard" french demiglace. Also, commercial demiglaces vary quite a bit in quality.

So, has anyone used this? Any good? How'd you use it?

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