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Chef Status?

natewrites | May 13, 2011 08:39 PM

I'm sure someone's asked this before, but here goes. I was talking to a general manager of a state park here in the Rockies that has a nice restaurant. He referred to one of his employees as an "Executive Chef." But then he said he was also working on green card issues and I got the feeling he had no formal training.

So I asked this manager. "What makes an executive chef what he is?" and I got a wishy washy answer saying one just has to cook well.

I found this somewhat vague and possibly untrue. I asked if one doesn't have to go to school and attain degrees? He said no.

I'm confused. Then why not bandy about the term "chef" loosely to anyone? So what constitutes, "Chef," "Executive Chef" etc. I know from working in academe, there are differences between "Associate Professor," "Assistant Professor" "Adjunct Professor" and "Doctor."

What gives?

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