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Chef Flemming's Bake Shop, Henderson NV

Honeychan | Feb 9, 2009 06:59 PM

Hey fellow hounds! Finally made it over to Chef Flemming's Bake Shop today, and wanted to post my review.

After reading a review in the local Henderson NV newspaper, I made my way over to Chef Fleming's Bake shop on Water St.
Chef Fleming Pedersen was born and trained as a pastry chef in Copenhagen Demark, and before opening his bakery, worked from the past 17 years or so as head pastry chef at the Golden Nugget, downtown Las Vegas.

Water Street in downtown Henderson is both a bit old and run-down, but trying to revitalize itself for the new times. It's an odd mix of old, 1950's signage and store-fronts, but a big new strip-mall is across the street. This bakery is hopefully a good step in the right direction for bringing in new business to the city.
The interior of the shop is SMALL. Very small. When there was 6 people wating to be served, it was cramped. On this Monday, the choices inside the cases all looked so good, it was hard to narrow my choices to only 6. I finally chose:
2 apple turnovers
2 "Little Hats"

Most people know what cannolli and turnovers are, so no need to detail that. The cannolli was fresh, with sparse small chocolate chips (not morsels, real chips) in the mix. I found it very good, and a much better price than most of the Italian-owned/based bakeries in town. MUCH better than Freed's, for half the price. Very delicious!
The kranskagge I got was a small, 4 inch long cookie filled with marzipan. A very generous amount of filling, and the cookie around it was drizzled with icing. Really tasty, and I know i'll be getting them more often. Even better if you love marzipan like I do. My only issue with it, was it seemed a day or 2 old. The cookie outside was a bit tough. A shame, and I hope I can get some really fresh ones next visit.

I wish I could get the Danish name for the Little Hats. The girl at the counter called them that, with no info on what they are called in Denmark. This was heavenly and a bit of perfection I was so happy to get! It started with a short dough exterior, very close to a butter-rich shortbread. Inside was a marzipan filling with it, in about a tablespoon amount. The dough was folded over at 3 places, and crimped, and looked like a tri-cornered hat, hence the name. After it was baked, the bottom was given a quick dip in chocolate. This was so good, I wish I had bought about half a dozen! On a scale, i'd rate them about 8. For Las Vegas' bakeries, i'd give it a 10!

Om a really cool side-note: On the first Saturday of the month, he has "Danish Day". Apparently, once a month he makes more Danish-based specality baked-goods. I don't have a list of them now, but i'll report back when I go next month.

Highly reccommended, if your local/nearby. Closed on Sundays.

Chef Flemming's Bake Shop
7 Water St, Ste B
Henderson Nevada 89015
(702) 566-6500
No website, as of now.

Go, now. It's really quite good!

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