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Cheesesteaks and other local favorites [split from Midwest]

Davydd | Apr 17, 200810:02 AM

(Note: This thread was split from a discussion of whether there exists a good cheesesteak in MSP at: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/44237... -- The Chowhound Team).

I think it is all in the mind. There are both good and bad Phlly cheesesteaks in Philadelphia and the natives will tell you the most popular places in Philly are generally bad. So it is all in the mind as to what is good and bad. Who is to know about buns and meat? Are you saying that Minnesota in the heart of where the beef and wheat come from cannot produce both better? For heaven's sake we probably have better provolone too and Cheese Wiz is not exactly a gourmet food. There is not a lot of knowledge and science going into making a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. There can be several places serving as good if not maybe better than your average Philly cheesesteak in the Twin Cities only your mind is not going to let you believe it.

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