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Cheesesteak Lunch Drama.

Newgirlintown | May 21, 2005 10:44 PM

So I had a cheesesteak craving today and headed down the block from home to a well known cheesesteak place across the street from TRIA.
Got my sandwich mushrooms and provolone. hot peppers......chowing away in the little downstairs dining area.
I have to say it wasnt as good as Johns. even the roll seemed supermarketish, no Carangi/Sarcone action.
Meat was Ok, a bit dry but nonetheless satisfying.
I however will never eat there again for one reason......
So one of the staff decides to refill the Ice in the soda machine.
Grabs two buckets......

Bucket A is inserted into bucket B and both sitting on the kitchen floor.
Comes back with two buckets of ice however.....

Bucket B is now sitting on top of bucket A, directly on the ice.
Dumps it in the soda machine.
effectively contaminating the whole compartment of Ice.

I "discretely" mention it to the guy who seems like the big cheese and was given a belligerent, condescending incredibly rude response.

SO dear chowhounders, if you happen to be getting a soda at the cheesestaek place on 18th street.

I would skip the ice....

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