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Cheeseburger In A Can: What?

DallasDude | Jan 30, 201001:07 PM

Our dear German friends have a cheeseburger in a can that you boil then open the tin to find a steaming fresh cheeseburger. Why?

How about a burger cooker that you hook up to your tailpipe, place the cheeseburger in the attached plate, then drive to cook. I am not sure that it won't kill you.

Other delights I have seen include haggis in a can, bacon in a can, Armor brand pork brain in milk gravy (in a can), spotted dick in a can (seriously? Suet pudding with currents? In a can no less?), silkwork pupae in a can, and the evil whole chicken cooked in a can.

This stuff does not make good chow. It's enough to freak out Andrew Zimmern. What is the oddest thing you have seen?

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