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Ma Kulit | Sep 25, 2001 12:46 AM

Here in Seattle, we get a San Diego brand of packaged mozzarella Precious. It comes in two [front label] types -- regular and low-fat. Imagine my surprise when I examined the nutrition labels and found the low-fat was higher in both fat and calories than the regular!

If I recall correctly, it is:

REGULAR - 80 kcal / 5% fat
LOW-FAT - 90 kcal / 9% fat

(I forget the absolute fat values [i.e. grams], but they corresponded to the percentages. That is, there is nothing weird going on in terms of differing densities or anything affecting the ratios.)

At first I thought it was a mislabelled item, but after a couple of months of looking, I see they're all like that! I also note that the regular one says part-skim, whereas the "low-fat" one says "whole milk", albeit only in fine print on the back.

So, as best as I can tell, "low-fat" means low in fat for a cheese which is higher in fat for starters.

Now, just when my head is spinning from the above, I find one (and only one) low-fat which has "part-skim" in the fine print on the back, and this one is indeed lower in fat (55 kcal / 3% fat).

Here in table form:

REGULAR [part-skim] - 80 kcal / 5% fat
LOW-FAT [whole] - 90 kcal / 9% fat
LOW-FAT [part-skim] - 55 kcal / 3% fat

I could *almost* stomach that, except to point out that the last one is exceptionally rare. Far and wide most of the "low-fats" are of the 90 kcal variety.

Can anyone clear this up?

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