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Cheating in stock making? adding gelatin...


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Cheating in stock making? adding gelatin...

Loki | Jul 9, 2009 04:57 PM

Today I took about 2 gallons of decent homemade stock and reduced it by 2/3 just to see what would happen. Now this is some hardcore stock concentrate it's a fairly dark golden brown liquid that is packed with flavor and I didn't even brown the bones or meat to start. This what a white stock when I originally pulled it off the stove the other day. I know I'm going to have to dilute it in most applications.

So I know how to make a good stock, but what I'm wondering is since the bone's dont really give up much flavor (unless they're browned) has any one ever supplemented their stock with some extra gelatin to give it more body and mouth feel? Next week I wanna experiment with doing a browned stock with half of the bones as this one and adding unflavored gelatin for body and see how it compares with what I prepared today. Fortunately I have a nice local asian market that sells chicken bones for .80/lb. Look's like I might have to get my pressure canner and jars out so my stock can have some shelf life.

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