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Cheapest Heat (as in chili preppers/hot sauces)?

zackly | Dec 18, 201409:25 AM     28

I belong to a social club that puts a free hot dog cart out on Sundays during the football season. I bring the chili. I accumulate and freeze raw ground beef, beef heart, pork, sausage, almost anything raw I have leftover and I make a large (usually around 10#) batch that I freeze in portions. I like to make this condiment chili hot, much hotter than entrée chili. Today I put in the following hot ingredients which were what I had on hand:
Chili Powder (American/Mexican style)
Indian Chili Powder
Black Pepper
Crusher Red Pepper
Asian Chili Garlic Paste
Louisiana Hot Sauce

I was wondering what the cheapest source of culinary heat is? Bang for your buck Scoville units?

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