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Need really cheap wines at Trader Joe's or Costco

ceekskat | Jun 3, 200802:07 PM

I am trying to help someone purchase wine for about 60 people for a wedding reception (3:00 p.m, drinks/apps only). This person lives from paycheck to paycheck & will do her best to provide for her daughter's reception. Although she drinks alcohol (at someone's home), purchasing it is a luxury she can't afford.

I personally have had the two buck chuck (out of curiosity) & while I think it is actually better than some other inexpensive wines, I don't know about serving it to others (of course not everyone knows about Charles Shaw wines:-). I am guessing if she didn't consult me, she'd just buy the cheapest wines at TJ's. My idea of a good inexpensive wine is the Elsa Bianchi Malbec ($7.99).

Any suggestions for $4.00 & under wines (reds & whites...my suggestion is sauvignon blancs for white) or boxed wines that may be more economical? I've never purchased boxed wines so am not familiar with pricing. I guess you can add Target to the above stores (for boxed wine). Although, boxed wine at a wedding reception?? Last but not least, how many bottles should she buy for 60 people? I don't *think* there will be other alcohol.

Thanks for your help.

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