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jillp | Sep 3, 2007 07:52 PM

Jackp and I began our marriage with a swell set of Henkels knives and we are still using them. But occasionally over the last few years I have felt the need for a different shape or size of knife. I have added a few really, seriously, shamefully inexpensive knives to our collection, in addition to more of the good ones. Today I bought a 5" Cuisinart Santuko with a granton blade. It set me back all of $7. What a handy little thing this is. Even Jackp - a known knife-snob - used it happily while preparing dinner.

It occurs to me that what matters most in knives is the sharpness of the blade and how it feels in your hand. As long as you can easily prepare food with them, does it really matter if they're the finest things on the market?

But having said that, I do have to mention that when our nephew was here a couple of months ago with a gorgeous Shun knife, I was delighted with the feel in my hand....

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