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Best Cheap Eats? Dos Amigos in Concord? Hardly.

Ratatouille | May 15, 200810:33 PM

The Hippo recently released their Best of 2008 magazine, with many NH restaraunts listed as "best" in their category. Under "Cheap Eats", they listed The Red Arrow, Dos Amigos, Pindos Restaraunt & Pizza, and Nashua Garden.

So, continuing my quest for the best mexican food in the area, I headed up to Concord this evening and ordered beans and rice + their chicken, ground beef, and pork tacos on a wheat pita (at the cashier's suggestion), with a side of "hot" picante salsa.

When the food arrived at my table, it was nicely presented, if a little jam packed into their tiny tray. The taco/pitas were half wrapped in foil, surrounding a few nachos, both kinds of salsa they offer, and a styrofoam cup filled half with black beans and half with rice.

The first thing I tried was by far the best. The wheat pita pork taco. It was delicious, and I scarfed that down in two seconds flat. The wheat pita went well with it, the salsa fresca was fresca, the pork was shredded like I like it, and it was just the right spiciness.

Unfortunately the rest of the meal was not so tasty.

The salsa picante was very watery. Like, dip your nacho in and all you get it spicy red water on it. The nachos I suppose weren't bad but it was hard to tell when they were practuically plain.

The chicken taco was boring after the pork. And the wheat pita didn't seem to go as well with it. The chicken was very fresh and good, but I don't know if they held off on the hot sauce cause I asked for that picanta on the side or what, because overall it was just very bland to eat. In fairness though, I'm not even a fan of the chicken tacos at El Mexicano, they just can't hold a candle to the Chorizo. (Which btw, this place doesn't offer, but the pork here was much better than that at El Mexicano.)

And finally the ground beef taco, also with a wheat pita was just... eh.

I'm sure their meats are very fresh, for all I know they even freshly grind the beef each day. The chicken tasted just like a freshly roasted whole chicken, rather than the tougher frozen stuff that you generally find in the meat section. But the tacos, other than the pork, just bored the hell out of me.

Finally, getting to the beans and rice. Oh man, this was the worst part of the meal. These were so bland I could hardly eat them. They were fresh tasting like everything else, but they weren't spiced at ALL. No salt, no nothing. That's how they tasted to me at least. Thankfully, this place also offers grilled corn on the cob when in season, so it's not a total wash. I could eat here if I ordered the pork taco and the corn on the cob as a side. They couldn't possibly screw up corn on the cob, and like I said the pork taco is most certainly delicious. It's just a shame that the menu is so inconsistent, and the salsa is so watery.

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