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cheap 30" Viking gas range... don't know what to do!

halfiejulia | Apr 24, 2012 11:13 PM

So there's a 30" Viking gas range (RDSCG230-5B) that's about to be (or already is) discontinued, meaning I've found two stores selling floor models for just under $2,000. I would never normally be able to afford a quality range, so I feel like I need to jump on this. However, I've read and re-read all the horror story reviews of Vikings. Yet I keep thinking I want to risk the purchase anyway, for a few reasons:

1 - Maybe I'll just get lucky and not have any problems whatsoever with mine!
2 - I always vegetarian meals, so the range won't really be put through its paces--veggies don't really take that much heat or power to cook! I'm hoping this translates to less of a chance of something breaking or failing.
3 - I cook a lot but mostly just for myself, so I will rarely have more than two burners going at once--again I assume this means less wear and tear on the oven, therefore less things that could potentially go wrong and put me many hundreds in the hole, for repairs.
4 - I barely do any baking (maybe once I have an oven that doesn't suck, I will bake more), so I don't particularly care about the nuances of an oven's capacity to brown a souffle or something--again most of what goes in the oven would be root vegetables, or I'll occasionally bake a loaf of bread.
5 - I'm going to purchase a 5 year extended warranty, so there's always that.

Manufacturer website for the range is here: http://www.vikingrange.com/MEDIA_Cust...

So my question is, does anybody out there have experience with this particular model? I've searched for threads about it and can't find any (on chowhound or elsewhere). Even if you've never owned this model, does anybody have any thoughts?

My sort of corollary question is, I'd like to purchase the Zephyr Breeze II hood (AK1200), which is rated at 450 cfm, to go along with the Viking range (venting to the outdoors). The guy at the store said I'd need at least 600 cfm, but when I checked in with Viking customer service, they told me 450 should be fine. Again being vegetarian and therefore not dealing with meats that throw off a lot of smoke when cooking, does 450 cfm sound workable? I mean I feel like I would believe the Viking people rather than the guy at the store who's possibly trying to upsell me, but I appreciate anybody's two cents!


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