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Chateau No Name - Advise on French Wines


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Chateau No Name - Advise on French Wines

rworange | Aug 21, 2005 01:49 AM

Melanie's recent French wine rec at TJ's and Noodles question about a French wine label made me think I'd like to explore French wines a little more. Then I read the article below and it seems there is a lot of good French wine being ignored.

So what recommendations would you have on moderately priced bottles of French Wine.

I give up. I'll probably be going to Trader Joes, so those types of hints would be nice. I'll also be trying some local wine stores too, but I'd like to have a little info before speaking to the sales staff.

Don't know much as I like to drink wine from the area that I am staying in, which happens to be California currently. Last time I had much French wine was when I worked it Taiwan because it was cheaper than US wine.

However there are 450 appelations and who knows how many outside of that.

Any particular appelatations to look for or avoid? How about good or avoidable Vin de Pays or Vins de Table?

I'll drink anything red or white. Probably more partial to reds right now.

Is there a place online that lists all 450 appelatations? All I could find was a reference to a book that had the list.


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