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Charleston, SC, burger assessments

observor | Aug 11, 2009 05:40 AM

Here are some cheeseburger assessments for restaurants in the Charleston, SC, area, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being good. Feel free to add:

Rating: 5

Smallish burger that was juicy (or, more likely, fatty?) with decent bun and good amount of toppings. No fries come with it. Quite salty, somewhat small for the price (I'd say somewhere between 1/4 pound and 1/3 pound). Too salty and rather overpriced for the size, IMO, but, perhaps inevitably, tasty.

Rating: 6

I have had two here, the first was quite good, very big, with a large amount of freshly made fries that were very hot and crisp. It was quite flavorful with a big bun that fit it perfectly and the price was fantastic. The second one I had was not as good, it was dense, not as big, or perhaps not as correctly formed, and lacked any strong flavor. Still same large amount of fries. I don't know if it was an off night, but I hope if I have another one there it will be like the initial one. Great price.

39 RUE DE JEAN: $10.99
Rating: 3

Touted as the best hamburger in Charleston, I was not very impressed. First, the bun was of very poor quality, crumbling all over the place and making a big mess. Additionally, it was advertised to be 10 oz. (more than a half pound) and it was not. While it tasted quite fresh, it wasn't flavorful and the fries were extremely slender and rather limp, with some of them so small they were overcooked and crunchy...not my idea of what I prefer: nice, meaty, substantial French fries.

VICKERY'S BAR AND GRILL, downtown: $7.99 (half price on Mondays)
Rating: 5

A very large burger, no doubt a half pound as advertised. Unfortunately, it did not appear to be very high quality of meat, as it was rather dry (due to ordering it medium?) and there was nothing in the way of seasoning. The addition of salt and mayo helped, as it usually does. The fries were of the hand cut variety, quite slender, with some of them very little, and there was not very much of them. Wouldn't get it agan due to the lack of flavor.

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