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Charleston Review

kliggy | Dec 7, 2005 10:44 AM

Charleston is big on presentation and formality, and while the food itself is generally pretty good, it's not great. The portions are WAY too small and many are overly ambitious. While some foodies might say that the portion sizes do not matter, portions need to be a certain size at a minimum, and Charleston does not cut it.

This place is too expensive for what you get. You have to take into account price into the decision, the idea of "price is no object" is a major cop-out. It gives you license to go to the fanciest, most expensive place you can find, and its likely the food there will be good b/c the ingredients are good. But just b/c you throw truffles on something doesnt mean the meal is great.

4 very small courses there runs about $80, but the portions are all appetizer-sized, not enough to fill, not even close really. I dont mind paying the money, but I could go a dozen really good places in DC where the same money will get you a full meal and you would be full with great food at the end of the night. Not here. I left hungry and wondering how i spent the money.

On the positive side, the place inside is beautiful after the recent renovation.

But appearance doesnt cut it with me. Not going back.

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