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Charged more than menu price [moved from New York State]

fisher | Sep 7, 201107:51 AM

We are semi-regular patrons at Marino Pizza on Rt 9 in Queensbury. Semi-regular meaning that we stop there for dinner half a dozen times a year with friends and kids after outings in the Lake George area. It’s conveniently located and we enjoy their pizza and garlic knots. We’ve never ordered entrees, but the marinara sauce that is served with the garlic knots is very tasty.

But I’m not really posting about the food. Our most recent visit was the last weekend in August. We enjoyed our meal as usual but then got a surprise in the check. The prices charged for 3 of the items were higher than the menu. Two pizzas were 50 cents higher each, and an order of garlic bread w/cheese was $4.25 instead of the $2.59 listed on the menu (a 64% increase).
Presuming this was just an error I mentioned it when I went up to the register. The waitress said, oh no, it’s correct, our prices have gone up, we just haven’t gotten our new menus yet. And then she pointed to the bottom of the menu where it says “prices subject to change”.

Since the total difference was only about $2.50 I figured I’d just pay and be done, but while paying I mentioned that the increase in the garlic bread price (64%) was really significant and that they should have mentioned the price increases before we ordered. The response I received was that food prices have skyrocketed and what do I expect them to do, cross out the prices on all the old menus and write in the new prices? At that point I simply paid and left.

I don’t care about the $2.50. I do care that this just somehow seemed wrong. We like their food, but I’m not sure I want to go back. And there are a lot of other pizza places around that I’m guessing would be happy to have our business.

So here’s my question. Should they have done something differently? Do you think they really are just “waiting for their new menus”, or were we charged the “It’s the end of August and they’re probably tourists who’ll never be back price”?

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